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At a time of slightly buried, but not dead,
southern loyalty for the Ku Klux Klan, D.W.
Griffith directed a film that would refuel the fire
under the feet of racist southerners. Birth of a
Nation, Griffith’s filmic rendition of Thomas
Dixon’s novel, pronounced the African-American
population to be many things. Disobedient,
unruly, uncivilized, and sometimes evil are only a
few adjectives to describe Griffith’s African-
American characters.  
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Creating a Villain,
Spreading a Myth
Obama rips Republican
candidates on gay
America has left the leaders of the
Republican Party behind'
President Obama on Sunday dismissed Republicans opposed to same-sex marriage as
?living in another era, saying the national conversation had moved beyond whether gays
and lesbians deserve equal marriage rights. And he lambasted statements made by GOP
candidates as woefully out-of-touch with reality.
"One of their leading candidates argued that going to prison turns you gay," Obama said,
an apparent reference to Ben Carson, who had claimed that homosexuality in prison is
proof that being gay is a choice.
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Pope Francis
In line with the crowds that have greeted Pope Francis on his first
visit to the United States, the pontiff Friday endorsed what reporters
called "a theology of diversity" as he spent the day among throngs in
New York, a majority-minority city with diversity as a hallmark.
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Don Peebles,
A Rising Political
Roy Donahue “Don” Peebles (born March 2, 1960) is a real estate entrepreneur, author
and political activist. Peebles is the Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of
the Peebles Corporation, the largest African American-owned real estate development
and ownership company in the US, with a multi-billion dollar development portfolio of
luxury hotels, high-rise residential and commercial properties in New York City,
Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Miami Beach.
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Minority Business Development
Agency and PowerMoves.NOLA
Team Up
WASHINGTON, Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The U.S.
Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency
(MBDA) has partnered with PowerMoves.NOLA to increase the number
of venture-backed, high growth, and high tech companies in America
founded by minority entrepreneurs.    
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Black Publishers should take
Donald Trump to task for his
stand against founders of "Black
Lives Matter
Donald Trump must be called to task for the position he has taken against the “Black
Lives Matter” movement. He is blatantly taking the prevailing political position that
Blacks must be confined, contained, and controlled.His position simply is that Blacks
have no right to rebel against or call attention to the atrocities committed against our
race and especially our young black men by white police officers.
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Don Peebles Ask City
Council To Investigate
NYC Contracting
NEW YORK, Sept. 28, 2015   R. Donahue Peebles, Chairman and CEO of
The Peebles Corporation and Chairman of the Board of the Congressional
Black Caucus Foundation, is calling upon New York City Council Members
to investigate the exclusion – and resulting economic oppression – of
minority- and women- owned business enterprises ("MWBE") who pursue
city contracts from the New York City government.   
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Donald Trump's Tax
Plan Could Balloon The
Debt By 75 Percent
WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump's tax plan would increase the national debt by more
than 75 percent over the next decade, according to an analysis by a conservative think
tank. Trump claims on his website that his plan "doesn't add to our debt." But the
businessman-birther, who believes wrongly that vaccines cause autism, should at least
recognize when numbers don't add up.     
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