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Law enforcement officers shot a man who brandished a gun near the White House on Friday while President Barack Obama was out golfing, and the man was taken to
hospital in critical condition, officials and witnesses said. The Secret Service, which protects the president, briefly locked down the White House as a precaution, and
Vice President Joe Biden was secured within the White House complex during the lockdown, a White House spokeswoman said. The shooting took place just off 17th
and E streets, near what is known as the South Lawn outside the executive mansion, which serves as the home and offices of the president. A man who looked to be in
his mid-20s walked to the gate of the White House holding a silver-colored gun pointed at the ground, said Brett Polivka, a 26-year-old visitor from Texas who was
standing near the south side of the White House.
Man Shot and critically wounded
brandishing gun near the White House
CNN is reporting that there were smoke alerts on board the flight minutes before it crashed in the Mediterranean Sea. The data was uncovered by looking at flight data from
the Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System and time stamps reportedly match the approximate time the aircraft went missing.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has offered his condolences to the families of people on board - a statement which amounts to the government's official
acknowledgement of their deaths. The editor of Aviation Security International has said the swerving of the aircraft before it crashed suggests that there was some sort of
struggle inside the cockpit.  He said it could have been the pilots trying to control an aircraft disabled by an explosion such as in 1976 when bombs exploded on a Cuban
passenger plane after takeoff in Barbados and they attended to steer it away from the beach to prevent more casalties. Or it could be be a hijacker trying to get hold of the
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Smoke detected aboard Egypt flight 804 minutes before crash!
Killer George auctions murder weapon for $138,000 wants to
fund anti "Black Lives Mater" activities
This ruthless, despicable, racist killer has the gall to attempt
to enrich himself at the expense of the Trayvon Martin
family and the entire Black race. This is a deliberate
criminal who is thumbing his nose at black folks and living
the dream of the American Criminal Injustice system.
the Dread Scott decision of March 6, 1857 Chief Justice
Roger Taney wrote: Blacks are regarded as beings of an
inferior order, and they have no rights which the white man
is bound to respect.
The natural progression of the events
that led up to the murder of Trayvon Martin clearly defines
it as initiated and carried out by George Zimmerman, who
physically challenged a young man he could not handle.
Trayvon Martin was talking to a friend on the phone telling
her he was being watched and followed by a “creepy ass
cracker” and she instructed him to run home to his father’s
girlfriend’s home. When Trayvon began to run, Killer
Zimmerman chased him down and tackled him. Trayvon
began to scream for help while telling Zimmerman to “get
As Trayvon was getting the best of the altercation,
Killer Zimmerman pulled his gun and shot him point blank
in the chest, fatally wounding him.

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'Bring it On'
Mayor Welcomes Primary Challenge as Rivals Court the
Press at His Doorstep
There's blood in the water at City Hall and the sharks are starting to circle
Mayor Bill de Blasio. Two potential challengers to the mayor held a news
conference just a few yards from where de Blasio was grilled by the press
corps over the multiple investigations into his fundraising and political
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NYC Mayor Bill DiBlasio
A day after City Hall announced that it was treating five outside
advisers to the mayor like city employees when it comes to public
records requests, there are questions about whether one of those
consultants - a U.S. ambassador - violated any federal laws or
conflicts of interest rules.
The mayor's top lawyer tells NY1 there are five outside consultants to
Mayor Bill de Blasio that have a special status inside City Hall. This
special status was issued even though these advisers are not being
paid with public tax dollars and they have no formal relationship
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Did U.S.
Identified as
Adviser, Cross
a Legal or
Ethics Line?
US Ambassador Patrick Gaspard
Senate Holds Second Mayoral
Control Hearing, Without the
NY State Senator Carl Marcellino
Just one day after Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared at City Hall with a bevy of
business leaders to push for extending mayoral control of New York City
schools, the state Senate education committee held its second hearing on the issue
right across the street. Administration officials, education professionals and
advocates testified to make their case for and against mayoral control (mostly
for) as state Senators demanded answers on a wide range of educational policies,
while repeatedly noting the conspicuous absence of the mayor himself.

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What’s at stake for Sanders in
California will determine whether Sanders challenges
Clinton at the convention — or steps aside after the last
ballot is cast
Nineteen days to go. A total of 475 pledged delegates at stake. And the potential
to propel Bernie Sanders into the Democratic convention in Philadelphia with
enough momentum to unravel Hillary Clinton’s claim to the nomination.    Or so
Sanders thinks.

Sanders “has been buoyed” by “his belief that an upset victory in California
could have a psychological impact on convention delegates who already have
doubts about Mrs. Clinton.” As a result, “he is willing to do some harm to Mrs.
Clinton in the shorter term if it means he can capture a majority of the 475
pledged delegates at stake in California and arrive at the Philadelphia convention
with maximum political power.”
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Hillary Clinton Opposes Heller
Gun Rights Ruling
Hillary Clinton believes a 2008 Supreme Court ruling that is the linchpin of an
individual's right to own a gun was "wrongly decided," her policy adviser told
Bloomberg Politics on Friday.
"Clinton believes Heller was wrongly decided in that cities and states should have
the power to craft common sense laws to keep their residents safe, like safe storage
laws to prevent toddlers from accessing guns," Maya Harris, a policy adviser to
Clinton, said in an e-mailed statement. "In overturning Washington D.C.'s safe
storage law, Clinton worries that Heller may open the door to overturning
thoughtful, common sense safety measures in the future."
The stance by Clinton, the all-but-certain Democratic presidential nominee, carries
y profound implications for the future of gun rights in
the U.S.

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Donald Trump goes after
Hillary Clinton on guns
Donald Trump on Friday told the National Rifle Association that Hillary Clinton
would take away the right to bear arms -- a position the Democratic front-runner
has never taken and immediately denounced.
Moments after the gun group
endorsed Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee dove right into attacking Clinton,
saying she "wants to abolish the Second Amendment."
"We're not going to let that happen," Trump said. "We're going to preserve it, we're
going to cherish it."
Clinton, who swiftly rebutted Trump's remarks, has called for universal
background checks and stricter controls on firearms, but has never called for the
abolition of the 2nd Amendment. In fact, on her website, she calls gun ownership
"part of the fabric of many law-abiding communities."
Trump's claim reiterated a statement he made earlier in the month, though on
Friday, he suggested that Clinton would take away gun rights via the Supreme
"If she gets to appoint her judges, she will abolish the Second Amendment,"
Trump told an enthusiastic crowd. "In my opinion, that's what she's going to go
She quickly responded to Trump's speech on Twitter.
You're wrong, @realDonaldTrump. We can uphold Second Amendment rights
while preventing senseless gun violence.

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